Perks of being a Tinkerer | ft. Alfiyahuzayn


This morning, I received a Medium notification on a new blog by my friend Alfiyahuzayn titled “Perks of Being a Tinkerer” (Read it here: I placed that in a social media status and began writing dozens of new sub-statuses about what she said until I realized I shouldn’t do that, but I’d rather write a blog about it.

Why is TinkerHub so special for you? Why do you dedicate yourself to it? Do you get paid for all these?” Many of my friends have asked me these questions. The answer to all these questions is that TinkerHub Foundation is my home, where I found myself and my tribe. Almost every tinkerer would have their own sweet tale of being a part of this beautiful community.” — Alfiya Huzayn

Just a quick question before moving on: when reading “TinkerHub Foundation is my home”, did you feel like you were reading the Hogwarts is my Home dialogue by Harry Potter from the movie “Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets? Nope? Oh well, maybe it’s just for me. Just Potterhead things.

Many people are dedicated to this community in different ways. Some as full-time, some as fellows, some as interns and some as the Campus Team across Kerala in 60+ Campuses. We never get anything material from here. We all are here because of the satisfaction we get, or the feeling of belongingness. I always admired this single quality in this community. Nobody cares about your Academic year, or age, no discrimination of any kind and no hierarchy. You belong here🤗!

All we care about is, are you interested to learn something? Yes, cool let’s learn together. No? it’s ok, let’s try a few things and someday you’ll get to know what you want to learn. And it’s ok if you don’t feel like learning something right away. You will figure out everything eventually.

“During the next meeting, unfortunately, I didn’t make any progress. Ananthan V S talked individually to each one of us that day. I felt really ashamed when I said ‘All I know is a little bit of Canva’. I expected sarcasm from everyone. But, to my surprise, everyone was like ‘Cool!’. This is the biggest specialty of the TinkerHub Foundation. Nobody would judge you, no matter what.” — Alfiya Huzayn

I watch a lot of Anime. And one of the characters in it said these words.

“I don’t think everyone has to like something before giving it a try. I don’t think you need an unwavering will or lofty motive just to get started. Sometimes things that you start on a whim end up becoming very important to you, too. To get started, I think you just need a little bit of curiosity.” — Kiyoko Shimizu(Haikyuu!, Season 2 Episode 3)

All we need is a little bit of curiosity to learn and grow. That’s all we need. something I heard from most of the people here.

When I founded TinkerHub SIAS with my fellow Tinkerers at my college, I received a lot of criticism, even from a buddy. His reasoning struck me: “You behave like you’re operating a major firm like Microsoft or whatever……etc.”. I don’t care what he said, because as I already stated, it is the satisfaction that drives us.

Let me tell you a story, which my fellow tinkerer MUHAMMED IQBAL P.B told me. He took a session on Hugo Framework for a TinkerHub Campus Chapter. He haven’t got that much of attendees on that event. But after 2 weeks he got a LinkedIn notification which stated some of the students who attended that event learned it and did some projects.

Yes, that gratification is what drives us. The satisfaction we feel when we realize we have had an effect on someone’s life, whether deliberately or inadvertently.

We are a community of tinkerers who learn and let others learn. We don’t let a single curious kid down. If you have a mindset to learn and flourish, I swear this is the best place you could ever be. You would find many hungry learners like you who would love exploring this world of endless opportunities. This is the reason why every tinkerer has a beautiful tale of being a part of the TinkerHub Foundation. — Alfiya Huzayn

TinkerDay 5.0 | Kannur Edition

This blog is dedicated to whole Tinkerers across the World!



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